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Why ICI for Scheduled Compliance Reports?

ICI Cyber’s certified compliance audits allow businesses to prove that they are taking every precaution to prevent unauthorized access and dissemination of critical data such as Healthcare Data, Personal Identifiable Information, Credit Card Data and Sensitive Financial Data.

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Scheduled Compliance Reports (Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual)

ICI Cyber will work with our clients to develop a scheduled compliance audit routine. This will help the business stay within the bounds of any regulatory requirements for cybersecurity preparedness. Our certified auditors will assess over 200 points of inspection of the business’ defenses for vulnerabilities and risk. The audit includes a review of policies and procedures along with physical inspection of adherence to the policies. It will also include multiple points of physical failure such as locks, access controls, redundant power, cooling and atmosphere monitoring.

In most countries, such as the United States, regulatory compliance is mandatory.

Because these scheduled audits occur quarterly, semi-annually or annually, ICI Cyber is able to gauge the progress of preparedness from beginning and throughout the life of the contract. These scheduled audits are presented in reports that are designed to give business leaders, principals and board members the peace of mind they need in today’s dangerous world of cybercrime.

Having schedule compliance audits allows businesses to benefit from lower insurance premiums for cyber security, and it can produce top line revenue in the form of robust customer retention, loyalty and trust because the customer knows their data is safe.

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