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Why ICI for Cyber Security Architecture Planning?

Whether you are a new business or have been established for many years, ICI Cyber can help you create the most efficient and secure network for your business. Our certified engineers will look at the existing infrastructure including the telecom and internet provider’s handoff and will create a design for your network that is secure, segregated, and fast.

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Cyber Security Architecture Planning

90% of network issues arise from poorly architected design including those that don’t use the switching fabric for what it is designed. ICI Cyber’s engineers have architected some of the largest designs in the world using the latest technology such as shortest path bridging (SPB), mesh and fabric, as well as virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP). Using these latest technologies, you can see internal and external network latency drop to single digit milliseconds.

ICI Cyber’s engineers will make recommendations based on the business model for hardware and software that will allow the company to have the latest network technology available. Visualization software will be recommended that will allow the company’s technology staff to manage and monitor the network through a single pane of glass, finding all alerts and notifications across the network in one place.

Log aggregation will be implemented so that proper alerting and notification can happen if the network sees any issues or latency. These alerts can be a sign of a bigger problem such as an active attack, or an unauthorized access attempt. Alerts can go out via email, SMS or instant message so that administrators have real time, actionable information. One click allows access to the event as it is happening and gives the administrator choices of how to respond to the alert.

All cyber security architecture includes proper planning for securing and hardening your network against intrusions and attacks. Firewalls, VPN tunnels, wireless internet and web traffic is all segmented so that there is layered security at every entry and egress port.

Cybersecurity architecture is a great starting point for the continual scheduled compliance audits that will highlight the business’ commitment to protecting their infrastructure and their critical data from exposure.